Building creative ideas and executing them at full length. STEEV Gives shape to concepts and turns them into valuable content, while respecting and understanding the right context.

Creation of concept and production of content, go hand in hand at STEEV.

By making the entire body of work under the same roof, STEEV is enabled to get a full scope and can anticipate what is required to cater to the needs of the client. This also ensures that everything that is created is done with the right context in mind.

Simply put, taking care of everything makes it easier to connect the dots and adjust them if needed.

STEEV has a network of professionals he can hire, should a job ask for external expertise. You can meet them here.

And when content is ready to be launched you can choose to let STEEV reach your target audience by using contextual advertisement.

Start to finish, beginning till end, full scope and at full length.

Let’s create together.


STEEV is founded by Steven Kuijs in 2016.

Steven Kuijs is a creative professional with many trades and STEEV is far from Steven’s debut in the creative world of advertisement and marketing.

In 2004 Steven started his professional career as a freelance designer and worked for respected advertising agencies as NOISE, OER and Ogilvy.

In 2005 he joined forces with two like-minded creatives and co-founded Venour.

A company specialized in producing feel good, creative fun projects and with a stand-alone clothing brand.

Within Venour, Steven was responsible for all digital work: film, websites, campaigns, brand movies and all interactive media.

Over the 10 years that Steven was part of Venour, they successfully catered to the needs of many clients like BNN, Topnotch, Pony and 22tracks to name a few.

Looking back, 22tracks is definitely considered as one of his highlights. Steven co-developed and designed the first version of the still very successful online jukebox.

Another highlight are the ‘KPN Pick Up Sessies’ videos. The 16 episodes he directed are good for over 6 million views.

In 2012 Steven was part of the team who launched ‘Alfredo Gonzales’.

The brand immediately had an international appeal thanks to the brand movie he co-created and shot in New York. Today, you can still find this legendary sock brand online and in selected stores all over the world like Tokyo, New York, Paris and Amsterdam to name a few.

Next to STEEV, Steven Kuijs is co-owner of

An online magazine for men publishing articles about fashion, music, art, video, automotive, tech and accessories.

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